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The Monroe H. Martin Prize

The Monroe H. Martin prize was established to honor the outstanding contributions of Monroe H. Martin, a professor emeritus at the University of Maryland, College Park. Martin chaired the Department of Mathematics from 1942 until 1954 and was the founding director of the Institute for Fluid Dynamics and Applied Mathematics (a forerunner of the Institute for Physical Science and Technology) from 1952 until 1968.

Previous prize winners are

  • Neil E. Berger, Department of Mathematics, University of Illinois at Chicago Circle (1975)
  • Marshall Slemrod, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (1980)
  • Jonathan Goodman, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University (1985)
  • Marek R. Rychlik, Department of Mathematics, University of Arizona (1990)
  • Andrew M. Stuart, Division of Applied Mechanics, Stanford University &
    Zhihong Xia, Center for Dynamical Systems and Nonlinear Studies, Georgia Institute of Technology (1995)
  • Yury Grabovsky, Department of Mathematics, Temple University &
    Robert J. McCann, Department of Mathematics, University of Toronto (2000)
  • C. Sinan Güntürk, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University &
    Jared Tanner, Statistics Department, Stanford University (2005)
  • Adam Oberman, Department of Mathematics, Simon Fraser University &
    Joel A. Tropp, Engineering & Applied Science, California Institute of Technology (2010)

The J. R. Dorfman Prize for Undergraduate Research

The J.R. Dorfman Prize for Outstanding Undergraduate Research was established in 1989 to honor Professor Jay Robert Dorfman of the Department of Physics and the Institute for Physical Sciences and Technology upon the occasion of his resignation as Dean of the College and his appointment as Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost.

The Mathematics and Physics Graduate Student Awards

This is an award for graduate students (Spotlight Competitions in the Deptartments of Mathematics and Physics).

Monroe H. Martin Prize in Applied Mathematics

Undergraduate student award, $250 each max 4 award/year.

Criteria: students who will graduate as phyics majors in the academic year that the award is made. Students must submit a senior thesis paper and 1 hour oral defense of the thesis.