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The Monroe H. Martin Graduate Research Fellowship

This is a graduate fellowship in MATH or PHYS.

Criteria: Ph.D. students advanced to candidacy and in final year of thesis completion; nonrenewable.

The Alexander Family Fellowship

Graduate fellowship.

Criteria: students enrolled in Chemical Physics graduate program; preferably for 1st and 2nd year students.

Student letter: To show your appreciation as a recipient of the Alexander Fellowship, it is required of you to thank those who fund the fellowship for their support. For your convenience, we have listed the name and address of your fellowship donor below so that you are able to thank him appropriately. Please return your letter to the CHPH Graduate Office and it will be forwarded on to the donor and the CMNS Dean’s Office. Please be advised that CHPH Graduate Office must receive the thank you letter before the fellowship can be disbursed. If you should have any questions or concerns please contact the CHPH Graduate Office, 1131 Physical Sciences Complex building,

	Dr. Millard Alexander
	University of Maryland
	2230 Chemistry Building
	College Park, MD 20742

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