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Director of Administration
Kevin E. Lepley (301) 405-4876
  • Coordinates and oversees all aspects of the business administration of the Institute.
Assitant Director of Administration and Research Coordinator
Sokhan Min (301) 405-4827
  • Assists faculty with proposals, preparation of complex budgets, and completion of all non-technical aspects of proposals.
  • Handles the finance, accounting and travel transactions for grants and contracts.
  • Provides analysis and reporting on IPST's research portfolio.
  • Functions as a team member of the IPST Business Office.
  • Interacts with Director of Administration on other categories.
Coordinator Chemical Physics program
Debbie Jenkins (301) 405-4780 - Physical Sciences Building
  • Assistant to the Director and Associate Director.
  • Recruiting of students.
  • Application review: reviewing applications in Hobsons program.
  • Arrange prospective and postdoc visits.
  • Admission: admitting student into the program through Hobsons program.
  • Student advising: requirements such as course work, rotations, candidacy and graduation.
  • Student progress, grades and research.
  • Reporting to Graduate School, college and IPST.
  • Travel, making arrangements, processing of the travel approval and travel expense forms.
  • Credit card reallocations, travel and purchasing cards.
  • Correspondence/communication: via email, mail and phone calls.
  • Responsible for new course listings.
  • Responsible for changing program requirements through the university system.
  • Answering faculty and student inquiries in a timely manner.
  • Budget keeping of fellowships, assistanships, travel and recruiting.
  • Publicity via website, brochures and announcements.
  • Planning of program events, symposia, special faculty visits and receptions.
Administrative Staff
Mary Kearney* (301) 405-4814 - Computer & Space Sciences Building
Teri L. Schuler (301) 405-4834 - IPST Building
Catha Stewart** (301) 405-4889 - Computer & Space Sciences Building
  • Provide administrative support to faculty research groups, including travel, proposal preparation, procurement, correspondence, visitor accommodations (such as visa assistance, appointment paperwork, lodging accommodations, etc.), email and computer needs, and receptions.
  • Assist the general Institute with special lectures, manuscripts, travels, special projects, web sites, etc.
* Serves as Assistant to the Director.
** Assists Burgers Program.
Program Administrative Specialist
Stacey Bremerman (301) 405-4881
  • Manages facilities needs for IPST including handling all work orders, working with in-house construction on major renovations, follow-up on daily facilities issues such as A/C, floods, key and space assignments.
  • Manages the IPST Manager System involving input and update of system.
  • Assists Director of Administrative Services with planning and developing long-term facilities plans.
  • Maintains records related to facilities for resource and planning.
  • Manages purchasing and procurement for IPST, including ISR, RM, and PO process. VISA card transactions - assigning proper subcode for each purchase, allocating each charge to the appropriate account and reconciling the actual expenditures.
  • Manages the inventory process for IPST including a database and responses to campus requests. Assist with the reconciliation process for State accounts and for reporting to DAS.
  • Supervises student workers.
  • Processes forms for new telephone installations and data jacks.
  • Oversees distribution and/or billing of phone charges, monthly JV charges, copy charges and cash deposits; Post appropriately to IPST Manager System.
Coordinator for Human Resources
Maritza Montelara (301) 405-4879
  • Prepares all aspects of PHR.
  • Processes journals and certification cards.
  • Processes honorariums and fellowships, tax forms and verification letters.
  • Initiates all aspects of Academic appointments in ARS.¬†Prepare contract letters.
  • Prepares J1 and H1 visas.
  • Handles all benefits:¬†health insurance, retirement and SRAs.
  • Submits tuition remission for Fall, Spring and two Summer Sessions through ELF.
  • Is responsible for leave adjustments.
Director of Scientific Computing
Alfredo Nava-Tudela (301) 405-4843
  • Maintains the IT infrastructure, which includes: HPC clusters, Samba servers, Windows and Apple clients, and multiple Linux systems.
  • Interacts with the Division of Information Technology (DivIT), Network Operations Center (NOC), and the College of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences (CMNS) on all issues pertaining to Information Technology on behalf of the Institute.
  • Chairs the Computer Infrastructure Committee at IPST.
  • Assists faculty and staff with computer programs and needs.
  • Supervises IT student workers.
Engineering Technician
Les Putnam (301) 405-4867
  • Supervises the IPST Student Machine Shop.
  • Makes tools, parts, etc. for experimental faculty needs.
  • Oversees students in the shop and assist with their training and development process.
  • Consults with faculty regarding research projects.
  • Is the departmental in-house technician.
Business Services Specialist
Victoria Priscila Villa Franco (301) 405-4811
  • Administrative and academic functions to include routine technical accounting and/or auditing work which requires the application of accounting theory and practices.
  • Assist Assistant Administrator in post award.
  • Assist Program Administrative Specialist on an as needed basis to help with ordering.
  • Receives and screens telephone calls and visitors, independently handles procedural and substantive matters.
  • Is the Parking Coordinator for faculty and staff.