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Ethical conduct of research is essential for a successful career as a research scientist, whether in academia, industry or government.

Lapses in ethical conduct of research are often encountered unexpectedly, and in contexts that are unclear or ambiguous. Inappropriate action in dealing with such lapses can have undesirable consequences for all involved.

IPST offers formal course training in ethical conduct of research, based on a case studies approach. This page provides links to course materials and other important resources. You can also watch a video recording of the Responsible Conduct of Research Day that took place on June 4, 2010.

The book “On Fact and Fraud – Cautionary tales from the front lines of science”, authored by David Goodstein, is available for loan. This is one of three required reading materials for the Responsible Conduct of Research course. To borrow a book, please contact Denise Abu-Laban (301-405-4814, room 4211 CSS Building), or Debbie Jenkins (301-405-4780, room 4247 CSS Building).