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New Student Checklist

Welcome to the Biophysics Program at the University of Maryland! Please review the checklist below to assist you in your transition to the University.

  1. Pre-Arrival:
    1. Set up your Directory ID and email address.
      Your Directory ID and password is used to access University of Maryland resources, such as the registration system (Testudo) and your university email account. Please note that your university e-mail account will use your directory id as your email address.

      International Students: When setting up the Directory ID, you will be asked to submit the last five digits of your SID (student ID). This is not the same as your University ID. These are the steps for finding your student ID:
      1. Login to your Application Supplemental Form (ASF)
      2. Click on "Verify Contact Information".
      3. You will see a number listed in the field "Student ID (SID)." Remember that it is different from the University ID which is also listed there. The Student ID (SID) is the number you will need when setting up your Directory ID and password.
    2. Check and carefully read your email at least three times a week. Checking your email infrequently could result in missing important information. You are still responsible for knowing information sent to your university e-mail even if it is not your primary e-mail address.
    3. Complete immunization requirements. If you have not done so already, turn in the required immunization records to the University Health Center. You can find the required form here. If you have any questions regarding immunization, please call (301) 314-8114.
    4. Register for courses. Once you have been accepted and have your University ID number you will be able to register for courses. Students should be familiar with the deadlines for adding and dropping courses. Adjusting class schedules after the deadlines will incur additional financial charges. You can register for classes through Testudo, the site for interactive Web services for students.
    5. For the Fall semester, the courses you may register now are:
      * BIPH698L Biophysics Seminar (1credit)
      * BIPH699 Research in Biophysics (2 credits)
      The two remaining courses you will register for will be decided at orientation. These courses are typically CHEM684- Chemical Thermodynamics, and CHEM687- Statistical Mechanics, however there may be some variation with each student. We will go over this at orientation and with your committee.
    6. Pay tuition and fees. The Bursar's Office, located in the Lee Building, is your resource center for checking your balance, paying your bills, receiving refunds, making payment and more. Please note that Paper Bills are not sent to students registered for current or upcoming terms. Log into your Testudo account to view and pay your bill.
    1. Get your university photo ID. Student IDs are required to withdraw books from libraries; ride the UM Shuttle buses; gain admission to most athletic, social, and cultural events; as a UMD prepaid debit card for food establishments and printing services and as a general form of identification on campus. Student IDs are available in the Mitchell Building. To obtain an ID, you must be registered for classes and you must have proof of identity, such as a valid driver's license or passport.
    2. Final Transcripts If you applied to the University using an in-progress transcript, please have a final transcript with the degree posted sent to the university. If you failed to turn in these required documents by the start of your first semester, you will be blocked from registering for the next semester.
    3. Learn about the many resources offered on campus.