Annual Burgers Symposia

The Burgers Symposium is one of the premier events of the Burgers Program for Fluid Dynamics and has occurred annually every fall since its inception in 2004.  The symposium typically consists of three to four talks given by internationally renowned scientists interested in a broad range of topics in fluid dynamics, ranging from nanoscales to astrophysical scales. The symposium attracts scientists interested in fluid dynamics from the fields of mathematics, physics, astrophysics, natural sciences, and engineering.


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The Symposium will occur at the Clark Hall Forum 1101 on October 6th, 2023, from 1 pm to 6 pm, with a reception from 5 pm to 6 pm.

  • Ruud Henkes, Professor of Fluid Flow, Mechanical Engineering, Delft University of Technology, Scientific Director of the J.M. Burgerscentrum for Fluid Mechanics, The Netherlands Multiphase Flow in Pipelines.
  • Graham V. Candler, Professor, Department of Aerospace Engineering & Mechanics, University of Minnesota The Art of the Possible in Hypersonic Modeling and Simulation.
  • Amala Mahadevan, Senior Scientist, Department of Physical Oceanography Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Fluid Dynamics of Phytoplankton Blooms.
  • Philip J. Armitage, Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy Stony Brook University Planet Formation: Building Rocks from Turbulent Fluids.


  • Hans Kuerten, Eindhoven University of Technology Numerical simulation of particle-laden flow for improved plastic recycling.
  • Cristina L. Archer, University of Delaware The complex story of how wind turbines affect near-ground properties
  • Yahya Modarres-Sadeghi, University of Massachusetts, Amherst Obtaining desired trajectories for bodies free to move in the wake of a rotating cylinder.
  • Thaddeus Komacek, University of Maryland Obtaining Exoplanet atmospheres as a natural fluid dynamics laboratory: from ultra-hot Jupiters to temperate rocky exoplanets.


  • G.J.F. (GertJan) van Heijst, J.M. Burgerscentrum, Netherlands Some Fascinating Aspects of Shallow Flows – Laboratory Experiments, Numerical Simulations, and Geophysical Applications.
  • Scott C. Noble, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Magnetized Stratified Shear Flow and the Search for Supermassive Binary Black Holes
  • Joseph Katz, Johns Hopkins University Flow Mechanisms Affecting Cavitation Inception in Boundary Layers and in Turbulent Shear Flows



  • J. B. W. (Jim) Kok, (Burgers Lecturer), University of Twente  Combustion dynamics in turbulent flames and the path to instability. 
  • Manu Prakash, Stanford University  That sinking feeling:  Gravity and its role in how life navigates the oceans.  
  • Jacob O. Wenegrat, University of Maryland  The deep ocean, menagerie of instabilities? 



  • Alexander J. Smits, (Burgers Lecturer), Princeton University  Reynolds number scaling in wall-bounded flows.
  • James M. Wallace, University of Maryland  Quadrant analysis in turbulence research: History and evolution.
  • Akua Asa-Awuku, University of Maryland  The microphysical challenges of the growth of an atmospheric cloud droplet.
  • Christine M. Hartzell, University of Maryland  Avalanches as granular flows and applications in microgravity.



  • Harry Van den Akker (Burgers Lecturer), University of Limerick and Technical University Delft — Adopting Lattice-Boltzmann for simulating turbulence and emulsification.
  • Karen Flack, United States Naval Academy — Prediction of frictional drag for rough surfaces.
  • Jacob Bedrossian, University of Maryland — Mathematical perspectives on coherent structure vs. chaos in fluid mechanics.
  • Siddhartha Das, University of Maryland — Water flows at nanoscopic interfaces.



  • Fuqing Zhang (Burgers Lecturer), Pennsylvania State University — The -5/3 atmospheric energy spectra, and the ultimate limit of weather predictability.
  • Daniel Quinn, University of Virginia — What fins and wings can teach us about vehicle design.
  • Daniel TamJ.M. Burgerscentrum, Technical University DelftFlow around eukaryotic flagella.
  • Raghu Murtugudde, University of Maryland — What drives northward propagation of intraseasonal oscillations in the Indian Ocean during boreal summer?



  • Jayanta Bhattacharjee, (Burgers Lecturer), Harsh-Chandra Research Institute — Scaling law for turbulent energy spectrum in density-stratified fluids: Kolmogorov or Bolgiano-Obukhov?  
  • Megan Leftwich, George Washington University — Simplified fluid mechanical models of human birth.
  • Johan Larsson, University of Maryland — Wall modeling of large eddy simulation.
  • James Carton, University of Maryland — Arctic climate change.



  • Juergen Kurths, (Burgers Lecturer), Humboldt University of Berlin — Synchronization and complex networks: Are such theoretical approaches useful for Earth Science?
  • Luca Moriconi, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro — Vortex identification issues in turbulent boundary layer modeling.
  • Anya Jones, University of Maryland — Unsteady lift production in separated flows.
  • Stefan HickelJ.M. Burgerscentrum, Technical University DelftRegular and irregular shock-wave/boundary-layer interactions.



  • Katepalli Sreenivasan, (Burgers Lecturer), New York University — Convection at extremely high rayleigh numbers.
  • Gijs OomsJ.M. Burgerscentrum, Technical University Delft — Burgers Program/J.M. Burgerscentrum Cooperation.
  • Charles Meneveau, The Johns Hopkins University — Turbulence in wind farm boundary layers.
  • Rachel Lee, (Ph. D. Student), University of Maryland — Quantifying collective cell migration during cancer progression.
  • Kenneth T. Kiger, University of Maryland — From chicken embryos to mayfly nymphs: biological pumps at small scales.
  • Bruno Eckhardt, Philipps-Universität Marburg — Bypass transition in plain Poiseuille flow and boundary layers.



  • Ulrike Feudel (Burgers Lecturer), Carl von Ossietzky University — Concepts of dynamical systems theory in environmental science.
  • Fulvio ScaranoJ.M. Burgerscentrum, Technical University DelftInvestigation of turbulent pressure fluctuations by time-resolved tomographic particle image velocimetry.
  • Amir Riaz, University of Maryland — Stability analysis of parallel two-phase flow in channels.
  • Kayo Ide, University of Maryland — The role of the Antarctic polar vortex and Rossby wave breaking on large-scale stirring in the lower stratosphere.



  • Henk Dijkstra (Burgers Lecturer), Utrecht University — Will the Atlantic Ocean circulation collapse before the end of this century?
  • Jayanth Banavar, University of Maryland — The geometries of life.
  • Andrew Belmonte, Pennsylvania State University — Instabilities of viscoelastic fluids comprised of soap and salt.
  • Konstantina Trivisa, University of Maryland — On kinetic models for the collective self-organization of agents.



  • Marie Farge, (Burgers Lecturer), Directrice de Rechearche, CNRS, Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris — Is the resistance of fluid flow still an open problem in the fully-developed turbulent flow regime?
  • Gijs Ooms, Scientific Director, J.M. Burgerscentrum — Numerical study of eccentric core annular flow.
  • Jutta Luettmer-Strathmann, University of Akron  Elongated chain molecules.
  • Katepalli Sreenivasan, New York University — G. I. Taylor:  The inspiration behind the Cambridge School of fluid mechanics.



  • W. J. Briels, (Burgers Lecturer), J.M. Burgerscentrum, University of Twente — Memory and transient forces in soft matter.
  • Kathleen J. Stebe, University of Pennsylvania — Oriented assembly by capillarity.
  • Jerry Westerweel,  J.M. Burgerscentrum, Technical University Delft — Dynamics of coherent structures in localized turbulence in a pipe.
  • Pino Martin, University of Maryland — A description of hypersonic effects on wall turbulence.



  • Kees Vuik, (Burgers Lecturer), J.M. Burgerscentrum, Technical University — Preconditioners for incompressible flows. 
  • Mohamed Gad-el-Hak, Virginia Commonwealth University — Five centuries of turbulence: From da Vinci, to Kolmogorov, to the Universal Log Law.
  • Eugenia Kalnay, University of Maryland — Breeding:  An easy way to find and explain instabilities.
  • Ralf Deiterding, Oak Ridge National Laboratory — Deciphering the structure of gaseous detonations by numerical simulation.



  • Wim van Saarloos, (Burgers Lecturer), J.M. Burgerscentrum, Leiden University — Flow instabilities and turbulence of visco-elastic fluids.
  • Eltan Tadmore, University of Maryland — From particle to kinetic and hydrodynamic descriptions of flocking.
  • Elain S. Oran, Naval Research Laboratory Matchsticks, scramjets, and black holes:  Numerical simulation faces reality.
  • Jose M. Ortiz de Zarate, Complutense University, Madrid — Velocity fluctuations in laminar fluid flows.



  • Detlef Lohse, (Burgers Lecturer), J.M. Burgerscentrum, University of Twente — Zipping wetting and other surface phenomena.
  • Da-Lin Zhang, University of Maryland — Quasi-Balanced hurricane dynamics.
  • Cila Herman, The Johns Hopkins University — Quantitative visualization of oscillatory and pulsatile flows using temperature.
  • James M. Wallace, University of Maryland — Twenty years of experimental and DNS access to the velocity gradient tensor:  What have we learned about turbulence?



  • Gijs Ooms, (Burgers Lecturer), J.M. Burgerscentrum, Technical University Delft — How particles interact and form bridges in shear flow near a wall at low Reynolds number.
  • Elias Balaras, George Washington University — Tackling turbulence in low Reynolds number biological flows.
  • Shiyi Chen, The Johns Hopkins University — Multiscale modeling and simulations of micro- and nano-fluidics.
  • Allan Faller, Emeritus University of Maryland — The determination of turbulent boundary layer transports beneath vortices.



  • Charles Meneveau, (Burgers Lecturer), Johns Hopkins University — On dynamical models of turburlence.
  • Serge Simoens, Burgers Visiting Professor, CNRS, Lyon Atmospheric dispersion of pollutants.
  • Sasa Kenjeres, Burgers Visiting Professor, J.M. Burgerscentrum, Technical University Delft Coherent eddy structures in turbulent flows:  Modeling and simulations.
  • James W. Wallace, University of Maryland — Legacy of Frans T.M. Nieuwstadt.



  • Bruno Echardt, (Burgers Lecturer), Philipps Universität, Marburg — Dynamics of turbulent shear flows.
  • Kenneth T. Kiger, University of Maryland — In vivo measurements of wall stress using Particle Image Velocimetry.
  • Daniel P. Lathrop, University of Maryland — Liquid sodium laboratory models of the earth’s outer core.
  • Andrea Prosperetti, John Hopkins University and J.M. Burgerscentrum, University of Twente — The computation of disperse flows.
  • Gijs Ooms,  J.M. Burgerscentrum, Technical University Delft — Acoustic streaming in a porous material.
  • Devaraj van der Meer, J.M. Burgerscentrum — Impact dynamics:  Void collapse and jet formation.
  • James A. Yorke, University of Maryland — Weather prediction with better global initial conditions.



  • F.T.M. Nieuwstadt, (Inaugural Burgers Lecturer), J.M. Burgerscentrum, Technical University Delft Resolving Reynolds' riddle.