Annual Burgers Program Lectures and Symposia


  • G.J.F. (GertJan) van Heijst, J.M. Burgerscentrum, Netherlands Some Fascinating Aspects of Shallow Flows – Laboratory Experiments, Numerical Simulations, and Geophysical Applications.
  • Scott C. Noble, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Magnetized Stratified Shear Flow and the Search for Supermassive Binary Black Holes
  • Joseph Katz, Johns Hopkins University Flow Mechanisms Affecting Cavitation Inception in Boundary Layers and in Turbulent Shear Flows



  • J. B. W. (Jim) Kok, (Burgers Lecturer), University of Twente  Combustion dynamics in turbulent flames and the path to instability. 
  • Manu Prakash, Stanford University  That sinking feeling:  Gravity and its role in how life navigates the oceans.  
  • Jacob O. Wenegrat, University of Maryland  The deep ocean, menagerie of instabilities? 



  • Alexander J. Smits, (Burgers Lecturer), Princeton University  Reynolds number scaling in wall-bounded flows.
  • James M. Wallace, University of Maryland  Quadrant analysis in turbulence research: History and evolution.
  • Akua Asa-Awuku, University of Maryland  The microphysical challenges of the growth of an atmospheric cloud droplet.
  • Christine M. Hartzell, University of Maryland  Avalanches as granular flows and applications in microgravity.



  • Harry Van den Akker (Burgers Lecturer), University of Limerick and Technical University Delft — Adopting Lattice-Boltzmann for simulating turbulence and emulsification.
  • Karen Flack, United States Naval Academy — Prediction of frictional drag for rough surfaces.
  • Jacob Bedrossian, University of Maryland — Mathematical perspectives on coherent structure vs. chaos in fluid mechanics.
  • Siddhartha Das, University of Maryland — Water flows at nanoscopic interfaces.



  • Fuqing Zhang (Burgers Lecturer), Pennsylvania State University — The -5/3 atmospheric energy spectra, and the ultimate limit of weather predictability.
  • Daniel Quinn, University of Virginia — What fins and wings can teach us about vehicle design.
  • Daniel TamJ.M. Burgerscentrum, Technical University DelftFlow around eukaryotic flagella.
  • Raghu Murtugudde, University of Maryland — What drives northward propagation of intraseasonal oscillations in the Indian Ocean during boreal summer?



  • Jayanta Bhattacharjee, (Burgers Lecturer), Harsh-Chandra Research Institute — Scaling law for turbulent energy spectrum in density-stratified fluids: Kolmogorov or Bolgiano-Obukhov?  
  • Megan Leftwich, George Washington University — Simplified fluid mechanical models of human birth.
  • Johan Larsson, University of Maryland — Wall modeling of large eddy simulation.
  • James Carton, University of Maryland — Arctic climate change.



  • Juergen Kurths, (Burgers Lecturer), Humboldt University of Berlin — Synchronization and complex networks: Are such theoretical approaches useful for Earth Science?
  • Luca Moriconi, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro — Vortex identification issues in turbulent boundary layer modeling.
  • Anya Jones, University of Maryland — Unsteady lift production in separated flows.
  • Stefan HickelJ.M. Burgerscentrum, Technical University DelftRegular and irregular shock-wave/boundary-layer interactions.



  • Katepalli Sreenivasan, (Burgers Lecturer), New York University — Convection at extremely high rayleigh numbers.
  • Gijs OomsJ.M. Burgerscentrum, Technical University Delft — Burgers Program/J.M. Burgerscentrum Cooperation.
  • Charles Meneveau, The Johns Hopkins University — Turbulence in wind farm boundary layers.
  • Rachel Lee, (Ph. D. Student), University of Maryland — Quantifying collective cell migration during cancer progression.
  • Kenneth T. Kiger, University of Maryland — From chicken embryos to mayfly nymphs: biological pumps at small scales.
  • Bruno Eckhardt, Philipps-Universität Marburg — Bypass transition in plain Poiseuille flow and boundary layers.



  • Ulrike Feudel (Burgers Lecturer), Carl von Ossietzky University — Concepts of dynamical systems theory in environmental science.
  • Fulvio ScaranoJ.M. Burgerscentrum, Technical University DelftInvestigation of turbulent pressure fluctuations by time-resolved tomographic particle image velocimetry.
  • Amir Riaz, University of Maryland — Stability analysis of parallel two-phase flow in channels.
  • Kayo Ide, University of Maryland — The role of the Antarctic polar vortex and Rossby wave breaking on large-scale stirring in the lower stratosphere.



  • Henk Dijkstra (Burgers Lecturer), Utrecht University — Will the Atlantic Ocean circulation collapse before the end of this century?
  • Jayanth Banavar, University of Maryland — The geometries of life.
  • Andrew Belmonte, Pennsylvania State University — Instabilities of viscoelastic fluids comprised of soap and salt.
  • Konstantina Trivisa, University of Maryland — On kinetic models for the collective self-organization of agents.



  • Marie Farge, (Burgers Lecturer), Directrice de Rechearche, CNRS, Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris — Is the resistance of fluid flow still an open problem in the fully-developed turbulent flow regime?
  • Gijs Ooms, Scientific Director, J.M. Burgerscentrum — Numerical study of eccentric core annular flow.
  • Jutta Luettmer-Strathmann, University of Akron  Elongated chain molecules.
  • Katepalli Sreenivasan, New York University — G. I. Taylor:  The inspiration behind the Cambridge School of fluid mechanics.



  • W. J. Briels, (Burgers Lecturer), J.M. Burgerscentrum, University of Twente — Memory and transient forces in soft matter.
  • Kathleen J. Stebe, University of Pennsylvania — Oriented assembly by capillarity.
  • Jerry Westerweel,  J.M. Burgerscentrum, Technical University Delft — Dynamics of coherent structures in localized turbulence in a pipe.
  • Pino Martin, University of Maryland — A description of hypersonic effects on wall turbulence.



  • Kees Vuik, (Burgers Lecturer), J.M. Burgerscentrum, Technical University — Preconditioners for incompressible flows. 
  • Mohamed Gad-el-Hak, Virginia Commonwealth University — Five centuries of turbulence: From da Vinci, to Kolmogorov, to the Universal Log Law.
  • Eugenia Kalnay, University of Maryland — Breeding:  An easy way to find and explain instabilities.
  • Ralf Deiterding, Oak Ridge National Laboratory — Deciphering the structure of gaseous detonations by numerical simulation.



  • Wim van Saarloos, (Burgers Lecturer), J.M. Burgerscentrum, Leiden University — Flow instabilities and turbulence of visco-elastic fluids.
  • Eltan Tadmore, University of Maryland — From particle to kinetic and hydrodynamic descriptions of flocking.
  • Elain S. Oran, Naval Research Laboratory Matchsticks, scramjets, and black holes:  Numerical simulation faces reality.
  • Jose M. Ortiz de Zarate, Complutense University, Madrid — Velocity fluctuations in laminar fluid flows.



  • Detlef Lohse, (Burgers Lecturer), J.M. Burgerscentrum, University of Twente — Zipping wetting and other surface phenomena.
  • Da-Lin Zhang, University of Maryland — Quasi-Balanced hurricane dynamics.
  • Cila Herman, The Johns Hopkins University — Quantitative visualization of oscillatory and pulsatile flows using temperature.
  • James M. Wallace, University of Maryland — Twenty years of experimental and DNS access to the velocity gradient tensor:  What have we learned about turbulence?



  • Gijs Ooms, (Burgers Lecturer), J.M. Burgerscentrum, Technical University Delft — How particles interact and form bridges in shear flow near a wall at low Reynolds number.
  • Elias Balaras, George Washington University — Tackling turbulence in low Reynolds number biological flows.
  • Shiyi Chen, The Johns Hopkins University — Multiscale modeling and simulations of micro- and nano-fluidics.
  • Allan Faller, Emeritus University of Maryland — The determination of turbulent boundary layer transports beneath vortices.



  • Charles Meneveau, (Burgers Lecturer), Johns Hopkins University — On dynamical models of turburlence.
  • Serge Simoens, Burgers Visiting Professor, CNRS, Lyon Atmospheric dispersion of pollutants.
  • Sasa Kenjeres, Burgers Visiting Professor, J.M. Burgerscentrum, Technical University Delft Coherent eddy structures in turbulent flows:  Modeling and simulations.
  • James W. Wallace, University of Maryland — Legacy of Frans T.M. Nieuwstadt.



  • Bruno Echardt, (Burgers Lecturer), Philipps Universität, Marburg — Dynamics of turbulent shear flows.
  • Kenneth T. Kiger, University of Maryland — In vivo measurements of wall stress using Particle Image Velocimetry.
  • Daniel P. Lathrop, University of Maryland — Liquid sodium laboratory models of the earth’s outer core.
  • Andrea Prosperetti, John Hopkins University and J.M. Burgerscentrum, University of Twente — The computation of disperse flows.
  • Gijs Ooms,  J.M. Burgerscentrum, Technical University Delft — Acoustic streaming in a porous material.
  • Devaraj van der Meer, J.M. Burgerscentrum — Impact dynamics:  Void collapse and jet formation.
  • James A. Yorke, University of Maryland — Weather prediction with better global initial conditions.



  • F.T.M. Nieuwstadt, (Inaugural Burgers Lecturer), J.M. Burgerscentrum, Technical University Delft Resolving Reynolds' riddle.