Faculty Research Areas

John D. Anderson: computational fluid dynamics, hypersonics, history of aerodynamics

Mikhail A. Anisimov: mesoscopic dynamics in complex fluids

Stuart S. Antman: continuum physics and nonlinear analysis

Thomas M. Antonsen: nonlinear dynamics, hydrodynamics and magnetohydrodynamics

Akua Asa-Awuku: aerosols, droplets, atmospheric chemistry, cloud microphysics

James D. Baeder: computational fluid dynamics

Ferdinand Baer: numerical weather and climate prediction and atmospheric dynamics

Jacob Bedrossian: fluid mechanics, hydrodynamic stability, mixing, and kinetic theory of plasmas

Avram Bar-Cohen (ENME): thermofluid modeling, boiling and two-phase flow

Peter S. Bernard: vortex methods, turbulent flow prediction and theory

David I. Bigio: mixing of fluid systems and chaos theory of mixing

Kaye L. Brubaker: hydrology, hydrologic and water-quality modeling, global water-vapor transport

Richard V. Calabrese: multi-phase flow, turbulence and mixing

James A. Carton: ocean dynamics

Gennady A. Chepurin: ocean dynamics

Anil E. Deane: fluid dynamics, MHD, computation, visualization

Donald L. DeVoe: bio-microfluidics and nanofluidics

Panagiotis Dimitrakopoulos: computational fluid dynamics: multiphase flows, mesoscale polymer dynamics, biophysics, numerical analysis

J. Robert Dorfman: kinetic theory and microscopic chaotic dynamics

William D. Dorland: plasma turbulence, kinetic algorithms

James F. Drake: magnetohydrodynamics in plasmas

James H. Duncan: experimental fluid dynamics - breaking waves, bubble dynamics and solid/fluid interactions

Ramani Duraiswami: computational fluid dynamics, multiphase flow

Howard Elman: computational fluid dynamics, numerical analysis, numerical linear algebra, parallel computation

Nail A. Gumerov: computational physics, multiphase flows, bubble dynamics and linear/nonlinear waves

Ashwani K. Gupta: swirl flows; combustion, fuel sprays, high-temperature air combustion and air pollution

Parvez N. Guzdar: theory and simulations for fluids and fusion/space plasmas

Adil B. Hassam: magnetohydrodynamics and fusion

Sash Hier-Majumder: Geodynamics, multiphase flow, magma dynamics, physical properties of suspensions, non-quilibrium thermodynamics

Brian R. Hunt: nonlinear dynamics and chaos, numerical weather prediction

Kayo Ide: data assimilation, atmospheric and oceanic variability, Lagrangian analysis, dynamical systems

Pierre-Emmanuel Jabin: advection-transport equations with applications to compressible fluid mechanics, multi-agent and many particles systems, mathematical modeling in biology and ecology, kinetic and hyperbolic problems

Gregory S. Jackson: combustion and flame stability

Christopher Jarzynski: foundations of nonequilibrium thermodynamics, thermodynamic properties of complex systems, biophysical statistical mechanics

Eugenia E. Kalnay: atmospheric modeling)

Kenneth T. Kiger: multi-phase flows, turbulence and biological fluid dynamics

Daryl Kleist: data assimilation, numerical weather prediction, atmospheric predictability

Jungho Kim: phase change heat transfer and fluid flow

Johan Larsson: turbulence, reacting flows, computational science

Daniel P. Lathrop: nonlinear dynamics, magnetohydrodynamics, Geophysics

Stuart J. Laurence: high speed flows and supersonic combustion

C. David Levermore: fluid dynamics and applied mathematics

Doron Levy: computational fluid dynamics, bioscience

Mark J. Lewis: hypersonic aerodynamics, optimal aerodynamics, propulsion flowpaths

Xin-Zhong Liang: Climate-weather forecasting modeling

Wolfgang Losert: nonlinear dynamics, granular flows, bioscience

Dionisios Margetis:  mathematical materials science and statistical mechanics

Andre W. Marshall: fire induced flows; atomization and sprays; combustion

Pino Martin:  physics of tubulent flows and numerical methods for simulation of turbulence

Howard M. Milchberg: nonlinear optics, plasma hydrodynamics

Laurent G. J. Montési: Geodynamics, nonlinear dynamics, rheology, melt migration

Raghuram Murtugudde: computational fluid dynamics and ocean modeling

Sumant Nigam: atmospheric and oceanic dynamics

Ricardo H. Nochetto: finite-element methods, projection methods, adaptivity

Serguei Novikov: mathematical physics and dynamics

Eve C. Ostriker: astrophysical magnetohydrodynamics

Edward Ott: nonlinear dynamics, chaos

Derek A. Paley: nonlinear control, engineering dynamics, and dynamical systems theory

K. Dennis Papadopolous: plasma physics and space physics

Jonathan Poterjoy: data assimilation, numerical weather prediction

Srinivasa R. Raghavan: rheology of complex non-Newtonian fluids

Amir Riaz: computational fluid mechanics, porous media flow, multiphase flow, interfacial flow stability

Chris Reynolds:  astrophysical magenetohydrodynamics, accretion disk theory

Derek Richardson: granular media

Rajarshi Roy: nonlinear dynamics and noise

Jan V. Sengers: fluctuations and thermal transport phenomena

Benjamin Shapiro: modeling and control of fluid dynamics

Adel Shirmohammadi (BIOE) computational fluid dynamics in porous media

Elisabeth Smela: micro-systems, conjugated polymers, bio-MEMS

Jelena Srebric: urban sustainability and microclimate

Katepalli R. Sreenivasan: complex fluids, combustion, nonlinear dynamics and turbulence

Peter B. Sunderland: experimental fire science and combustion

Eitan Tadmor: mathematical analysis and computational fluid dynamics

Konstantina Trivisa: fluid dynamics, multicomponent reactive flows, non-linear analysis, nonlinear conservation laws and related models

Arnaud C. Trouve: computational fluid dynamics, reacting flows

James M. Wallace: experimental fluid mechanics and turbulence

Jacob Wenegrat: ocean and atmosphere dynamics, physical oceanography, submesoscale dynamics

Peter H. Yoon: magnetohydrodynamics and plasma turbulence

James A. Yorke: nonlinear dynamics and chaos

Da-Lin Zhang: atmospheric dynamics, numerical weather prediction