Contact Info
Office: MATH 2106
Phone: 301-405-5455
Dionisios Margetis
Professor of Mathematics and IPST

Research Interests: My research lies broadly in physical applied mathematics, aiming to describe phenomena across length and time scales. In materials science I have focused on aspects of epitaxial growth and nano-device modeling, including: (1) continuum models for the morphological evolution of crystal surfaces below roughening; and (2) effects of atomistic processes on the mesoscopic and macroscopic behavior of crystal surfaces. In statistical mechanics I work on a macroscopic description of Bose-Einstein condensation of trapped atoms beyond mean-field approaches. In quantum mechanics I study aspects of quantum computing and decoherence related to scattering, by which spatial variables are included in transforming quantum states for computations. In fluid mechanics I have studied growth phenomena in advection-diffusion processes. In electromagnetic theory, my primary interests are wave propagation near boundaries and scattering of electric fields by cells.