NCI-UMD Partnership for Integrative Cancer Research

Request for Application: Seed Projects between UMD and NCI

Deadline 5 PM on Monday, April 8, 2024

NCI Investigators and UMD Faculty are invited to submit collaborative projects for graduate student support in the areas of integrative cancer research and bioengineering.  Several graduate students will be supported through NCI CRTA fellowships starting in the Fall 2024 semester and tuition will be covered by the University of Maryland. Seed awards will be initially for one year, with a possibility for competitive renewal for second and third year funding. It is expected that NCI investigators and UMD faculty will apply for other sources of project funding to continue the collaboration past this initial project support.

You will receive a confirmation email indicating receipt of the proposal.

The following information must be included in a single pdf file:

A. Cover Page (1 page) - Title of project

 - Contact info for one UMD faculty member (authorized to be primary advisor for a graduate student) and one NCI researcher (authorized to host CTRA fellows),

- Name and Graduate Program affiliation of student

- Laymen’s abstract/picture: Four sentences describing the project in laymen’s terms plus a picture/figure

B. Proposed Research (max 3 pages, including references)

- Short research description focused on the project to be carried out by the joint student which should address, and will be judged on the following criteria:

a. Relevance to cancer

b. Feasibility

c. Innovation

d. Research design

e. Potential for first author publication by the student

f. Student qualification for the project

C. Additional required information (not included in the 3-page limit for the

Proposed Research) - Logistics and Impact Statement:

a. How will the collaborative effort be coordinated (meetings, data sharing, etc.)?

b. How will the project impact the research direction of the NCI and UMD laboratories?

c. Identify potential future funding sources.

- Biosketch of NCI PI (NIH format max 4 pages or NSF format)

- Biosketch of UMD PI (NIH format max 4 pages, or NSF format)

- Biosketch and transcript of student (max 2 pages)

Awardees and their mentors are expected to participate in activities of the Partnership, including Fall/Spring symposia and seminars, and provide yearly updates.

Review Process and Criteria: The aim of this partnership is to bring the expertise and resources in the mathematical sciences, physical sciences, and engineering at the University of Maryland College Park, and basic, clinical, and translational research expertise of the NCI/CCR to bear on the most pressing problems in cancer research.

Seed awards will be judged based on student qualifications as well as potential impact, relevance to cancer, innovation and synergism between physics, math, bioengineering & biocomputation and cancer biology.


All applications will be reviewed by an ad-hoc committee of NCI and UMD Faculty, Staff and Investigators.

Program Committee Contacts:

Doron Levy (UMD) dlevy@umd.edu

Grégoire Altan-Bonnet (NCI) gregoire.altan-bonnet@nih.gov

Wolfgang Losert (UMD) wlosert@umd.edu

Voula Mili (NIH) voula.mili@nih.gov

Kimberly Stroka (UMD) kstroka@umd.edu

Kandice Tanner (NCI) kandice.tanner@nih.gov

Administrative Contact: Catha Stewart (UMD) cstewar2@umd.edu

Deadline 5 PM on Monday, April 8, 2024