The University of Maryland and the National Cancer Institute officially created the Partnership for Integrative Cancer Research in May 2010.

Through this Partnership, students, professors, and investigators aim to solve the most pressing problems in cancer research by bringing together the expertise and resources in the mathematical sciences, physical sciences, biological sciences, and engineering at the University of Maryland, College Park, with basic, clinical, and translational research expertise of the National Cancer Institute/Center for Cancer Research.

Collaborations with the National Cancer Institute Center for Cancer Research are the core of the partnership and are supported by an active seed program that supports new collaborations between UMD faculty and NCI investigators.

The partnership also serves as a hub for integrative biomedical research and includes students who research is mentored by UMD faculty and investigators from seven other NIH institutes.

For additional information on this Partnership and for a copy of the National Cancer Institute and University of Maryland Partnership Memorandum of Understanding, please contact our Program Coordinator or one of our UMD Partnership Co-Directors