How to Get Engaged

UMD Graduate Students in Science and Engineering

Talk to UMD faculty members to identify possible collaborative projects and NIH co-mentors. The annual symposium is a good venue to learn about seed projects and find possible collaborators.

UMD Faculty Members in Science and Engineering & NIH Investigators

The partnership leadership team will be happy to help make connections with possible collaborators at the partner institution. The annual symposium has proven a successful venue for establishment of new collaborations.

Starting a Collaborative Project

Partnership participants receive administrative support, and the opportunity to present a poster/talk at an annual symposium. Collaborative projects start through:   

  • an NCI-UMD Partnership Seed Award
  • direct funding by NIH investigators or UMD research grants. If you have a funded collaborative project you wish to include in the partnership, please contact the Program Administrator [link] with the names of the UMD and NIH mentor, the student CV, graduate program name, and a brief abstract of the project.

Making a Donation

Your support for Partnership graduate students will support innovative cancer research by talented graduate students that leverages the science and engineering strengths of the University of Maryland. You can make a direct donation online to the Cancer Research Collaboration Fund.