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Quantitative Life Sciences

The biosphere, the part of the earth and its atmosphere in which living organisms exist, is experiencing severe challenges, including climate change and the poor health of sizable fractions of the human population (e.g. concerning trends in cancer and antibiotic resistance). To enhance our lives and to combat these challenges, it is critical that we harness the modern tools of biology, physics and engineering to synergistically identify opportunities and creatively implement solutions. Fortunately, our understanding of the molecular basis of life has advanced to a level where beneficial interventions in the natural world are not only possible, but can be made much more effective by a multidisciplinary approach. 



Assistant Professor of Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics and IPST
Office: 3126 BRB
Phone: 301-405-1251
Professor, IPST
Office: 3341 AVW
Phone: 301-405-1610
Distinguished University Professor, IPST
Office: 2203 CHEM
Phone: 301-405-4439
Distinguished University Professor Emeritus of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Office: 2113 Biomolecular Sciences Bldg
Phone: 301-405-1828
Co-Director, NCI-UMD Partnership for Integrative Cancer Research
Professor of Physics and IPST
Associate Dean of Research, CMNS
Office: PSC 1147
Phone: 301-405-0629
Professor of Mathematics and IPST
Office: MATH 2106
Phone: 301-405-5455
Professor of Mathematics and IPST
Office: MATH 3310
Phone: 301-405-5145
Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry & IPST
Office: 2216 CHEM
Phone: 301-405-8667
Assistant Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry and IPST
Office: IPST 1115A
Phone: 301-405-2148
Director of IPST
Professor of Mathematics and IPST
Office: MATH 3101
Phone: 301-405-4489
Co-Director of the Biophysics Program
Professor of Physics and IPST
Office: 1151 PSC
Phone: 301-405-9939
Distinguished University Professor
Research Professor, IPST
Office: ATL 4311
Phone: 301-405-4875