Theoretical Research Areas

Atomic and Molecular Physics

Molecular collisions and energy transfer, molecular spectra, molecular quantum mechanics, photoelectron spectroscopy, many-body theory of quantum mechanical scattering, atomic and molecular processes at surfaces.
UMD: Alexander
NIST: ClarkJulienne

Quantum Electronics and Optical Physics Imaging

Multiphoton processes, strong-field laser-atom interaction, Bose-Einstein condensation.
UMD: ChellappaPaglione, Rolston
NIST: Bryant, ClarkPhillipsStilesWilliams

Statistical Physics

Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics, interfaces and surfaces, molecular hydrodynamics, phase transitions and critical phenomena, polymer science, disordered solids, thermophysical properties.
UMD: AnisimovCalabreseEinsteinFisherJarzynskiKirkpatrickOttWeeks
NIH: Basser, Nossal, Szabo