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4:00 PM
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"Super-resolution imaging of chromatin organization in health and disease" with Melike Lakadamyali, University of Pennsylvania (Online Seminar)


Title: Super-resolution imaging of chromatin organization in health and disease

SpeakerMelike Lakadamyali, University of Pennsylvania

Hosted byArpita Upadhyaya

Abstract: Human DNA is 2 meters in length and must be packaged into the small space of a cell’s nucleus. New technologies, including super-resolution microscopy, are revealing how the genome is folded and packaged inside intact nuclei. I will present our work on using super-resolution microscopy to visualize and quantify chromatin nano-structure in single cells. I will further talk about how the chromatin nano-structure can be remodeled via chemo-mechanical cues. Finally, I will show that degenerative chemo-mechanical cues during disease can lead to aberrant chromatin nano-structure, potentially impacting cell phenotype. 


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Fall 2021