Jeffery Klauda
Contact Info
Office: CHE 1227A
Phone: 301-405-1320
Jeffery Klauda
Co-Director of the Biophysics Program
Professor, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Affiliate Professor, IPST

Research Interests: Cell membrane biophysics, thermodynamics, and molecular simulations. My lab uses molecular simulations to understand the structure and function of biological membranes, membrane proteins, and sugar-binding proteins. Quantum mechanical methods are used to develop accurate force fields used in molecular dynamic simulations to describe molecule interactions of the complex and diverse lipidome. Our main interest in transmembrane proteins is the study of efflux proteins that lead to multi-drug resistant bacteria. Other research areas in my lab are lipid transport proteins that peripherally bind to membranes and facilitate membrane contact sites, developing organism and organelle membrane models, and polysaccharide lyases.