José Feijó
Contact Info
Office: 0118 Bioscience Research Building
Phone: 301-405-9746
José A. Feijó
Professor of Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics

Research Interests: MResearch in our group is focused on the development of integrated models of apical cell growth and morphogenesis, using the pollen tube as a biological model, ion dynamics as an experimental paradigm and theoretical modeling as an integrative tool. Pollen is the male gametophyte of plants, and therefore all the biological mechanisms we unravel can be integrated in terms of function and evolution and adds to our understanding of Plant Reproduction. We use Arabidopsis, lily, tobacco and tomato as model species for higher plants, and the moss Physcomitrella as an evolutionary correlate of apical growth evolution. To characterize ion choreographies we use a combination of methods, including imaging, electrophysiology, and molecular genetics.