Contact Info
Office: IPST 1110
Phone: 301-405-4801
Theodore R. Kirkpatrick
Professor Emeritus, IPST

Research Interests: Professor Kirkpatrick and his collaborators work in the general area of strongly correlated and disordered electronic systems at low temperatures. Their prime objective of this project is to understand the phase transitions and other collective phenomena in such systems. One particular goal is to further develop and apply an effective field theory that has been developed by them and which allows for a systematic treatment of electronic systems with static impurities. The methods employed to study this problem include effective field theories, renormalization group techniques, and many- body perturbation theory. Specific systems for which this project is relevant include magnets with impurities, superconductors, and doped semiconductors. The conclusions drawn from these studies will be of interest to those concerned with the electrical and magnetic properties of matter.