Ph.D. Student Milos Nikolic Publishes First-author Paper in Biomedical Optics Express

Milos Nikolic, UMD biophysics Ph.D. student and NCI-UMD Partnership student, published a first-author paper with Giuliano Scarcelli, assistant professor in UMD's Fischell Department of Bioengineering, in the journal Biomedical Optics Express

In their paper, the researchers show that 660 nanometers may represent an optimal wavelength for Brillouin microscopy, which is an all-optical tool for measuring the mechanical properties of biological samples. This wavelength offers minimal absorption-mediated photodamage at high Brillouin scattering efficiency and the possibility to use a pure and narrow laser line from solid-state lasing medium. This wavelength enables Brillouin imaging of live biological samples with improved accuracy, higher speed and/or larger fields of views with denser sampling.

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