Jacob Bedrossian's Paper Awarded 2019 SIAG/APDE Prize

Jacob Bedrossian and his co-author, Nader Masmoudi (NYU), will be awarded the 2019 SIAG/APDE Prize. The SIAG/APDE Prize is awarded every two years to the author(s) of the most outstanding paper, as determined by the prize committee, on a topic in partial differential equations published in the four calendar years preceding the award year. The qualifying paper contained significant research contributions to the field of partial differential equations, as commonly defined in the mathematical literature, with direct and potential applications.

The prize committee selected their paper, “Inviscid Damping and the Asymptotic Stability of Planar Shear Flows in the 2D Euler Equations,” Publications Mathématiques d l’IHES (2015), Volume 122, Issue 1, pp. 195-300. The selection committee recognizes this work “for opening a broad new avenue of research, pioneering the rigorous approach to inviscid damping as a mechanism for stability in ideal flows.” The prize committee members are: Milton C. Lopes Filho (Chair), Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro; Maria-Carme Calderer, University of Minnesota; Jonathan Mattingly, Duke University; Athanasios Tzavaras, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology; and Michael Weinstein, Columbia University.

For more information about the prize, visit here.