Giuliano Scarcelli and Milos Nikolic Co-author Paper in Small

Milos Nikolic, UMD biophysics Ph.D. student and NCI-UMD Partnership student, and Giuliano Scarcelli, assistant professor in UMD's Fischell Department of Bioengineering, co-authored a paper with colleagues that was published on April 3, 2020, in the journal Small.

In their paper, the researchers used all‐optical Brillouin microscopy and 3D chemomechanical modeling to investigate the regulation of nuclear mechanics in physiological conditions. They observed that the nuclear modulus could be modulated by epigenetic regulation targeting internal nuclear nanostructures such as lamin A/C and chromatin. They also found that nuclear modulus is strongly regulated by cytoskeletal behavior through a robust mechanism conserved in different culturing conditions. Given the active role of cytoskeletal modulation in nearly all cell functions, the researchers believe this work will enable to reveal highly relevant mechanisms of nuclear mechanical regulations in physiological and pathological conditions.

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