Maryland Quantum-Thermodynamics Hub Becomes a Reality

Supported by a $2M grant from the John Templeton Foundation, a group of researchers, including Distinguished University Professor Christopher Jarzynski (Chemistry & Biochemistry and IPST) and Nicole Yunger Halpern (QuICS, NIST and IPST), will establish the Maryland Quantum-Thermodynamics Hub.

Quantum thermodynamics is an emerging field that offers fundamental insights into energy, information, and their relationship. Thermodynamics originally described “classical” systems—everyday objects formed from many particles. The theory has recently extended to the quantum domain of single electrons and few atoms, which behave in ways impossible for everyday objects. For example, quantum particles correlate strongly through “entanglement,” which gives one particle a surprisingly large amount of information about others. Scientists are leveraging such quantum phenomena in technologies such as quantum computers.

The Maryland Quantum-Thermodynamics Hub will unify this team of scientist into a Maryland-centered capital for North American quantum thermodynamics, providing focus and galvanizing the growth and international impact achieved by counterparts abroad.

To find out more about this group of scientists, their mission, research and events galvanized by the new initiative, read more at the Maryland Quantum-Thermodynamics Hub.