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Nicole Yunger Halpern Awarded IOP’s International Quantum Technology Emerging Researcher Award

Nicole Yunger Halpern (IPST/NIST) was named the Institute of Physics’ International Quantum Technology Emerging Researcher at the Quantum 2020 conference held in October 2020. The award was introduced to "...recognize and support scientific excellence and development of quantum technology researchers at the early stages of their career."

A theorist who works at the interface of quantum information science, AMO physics, and condensed matter physics, Yunger Halpern was nominated for "far-reaching theoretical contributions spanning quantum thermodynamics, quantum information scrambling, quantum metrology, and the foundations of quantum theory."

Hosted by IOP Publishing and the Institute of Physics (IOP) in partnership with the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) and the Chinese Physical Society (CPS), the Quantum 2020 conference brought together nearly 4,500 researchers from across the globe from industry, academia and government to discuss some of the most cutting-edge directions in quantum science and technology.

Nicole is also participating as one of two lecturers for the online mini-course, "Quantum-Information Thermodynamics", scheduled November 23-December 4. Organized by Professor G.T. Landi, University of São Paulo, the course aims to introduce the student to ideas at the frontier of knowledge in this field with a particular focus on the resource-theoretic formulation of quantum mechanics and how it can be extended to thermodynamics. The course is free and open to everybody.