Pratyush Tiwary receives CAREER NSF Award

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded a CAREER grant to Professor Pratyush Tiwary, IPST/Chemistry & Biochemistry, for his proposal "Learning to learn - Artificial Intelligence Augmented Chemistry for Molecular Simulations and Beyond".

The award will support Professor Tiwary's work to develop simulation algorithms at the interface of statistical mechanics and artificial intelligence (AI) for the study of rare events. The synergistic use of statistical mechanics and AI enables the automatic, human bias-free modeling of very slow processes in chemistry and biochemistry that unfold across many time and length scales. "The theme of this work is really to discover how machine learning and artificial intelligence can make chemistry better, and also how the tools of theoretical chemistry, specifically statistical mechanics, can help us understand and improve machine learning and artificial intelligence", Tiwary said. He will use the $650,000 award to advance this research and to partner with researchers at Stony Brook University and the National Cancer Institute to better understand how drugs interact with molecules in the human body. These efforts are being carried out through collaborations with Prince George's Community College, Bowie State University and through virtual means with other partners across the country. Read more.