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Office: 3126 BRB
Phone: 301-405-1251
Daniel Dwyer
Assistant Professor of Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics and IPST

Research Interests: The Dwyer laboratory is focused on characterizing biochemical and biophysical markers of bacterial cell death, with the goal of identifying novel means for treating infectious disease and combatting resistance formation based on the intrinsic response of the bacterium to lethal stress. What dynamic events occur upon inhibition of cellular targets by antibiotics remains an open question, and how such events contribute to drug lethality is under-appreciated.

To address this, one core line of research in the laboratory involves developing synthetic biology tools for exploring cell death physiology and surveilling emergent ultrastructural properties induced by lethal perturbations, most notably antibiotics. Our other core line of work seeks to apply systems biology analysis methods towards advancing our understanding of how physiological alterations induced by lethal perturbations impact the cell death process. Trainees utilize a broad range of techniques and approaches in our multidisciplinary group.